How to get your city to pass an open government policy

Raleigh, NC—City Council adopts open source policy

On Tuesday, February 7, the Raleigh City Council passed an Open Source Government Resolution, unanimously, promoting the use of open source software and open data. The resolution includes language that puts open source software on the same playing field as proprietary software in the procurement process. It also establishes an open data catalog to house data available from the city.

Raleigh isn’t the first city to pass an open government policy. But it may be the first to provide a blueprint that can help other cities pass their own open initiatives more quickly. And it’s no surprise that there was influence and support from CityCampers in Raleigh. Continue reading

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Open Data Labels

source: Wikipedia

CityCampSF organizer Adriel Hampton is working legislation to come up with a legal definition of open data in California. The definition will be used as a test for a requirement for the government to publish according to the definition. Note Adriel’s comments in the discussion. He specifically has been asked to address phrase like “commonly used Web search applications and commonly used software.” Also, there is a challenge to the no-cost claim. Please lend your expertise by commenting here: