CityCamp in Action: SF Fire App Data

Granicus co-founder Javier Muniz shows his day of work on the SF Fire App at CityCampSF.

Granicus co-founder Javier Muniz shows his day of work on the SF Fire App at CityCampSF.

The fourth of CityCamp’s four goals is:

Create outcomes that participants will act upon after the event is over

In the case of CityCamp San Francisco, participants created outcomes during the event by curating data describing AED locations throughout the city. AEDs are automated external difibrillators, those devices you see in airports that can be used by just about anyone to stabilize cardiac arrest victims. AED locations are important data that can save lives, particularly if they are open and portable. Curating this data is non-trivial, however. Collecting AED locations is labor intensive. Mistakes in data can cost lives. Data provided by the City of San Francisco is a decade old in some cases. Some places you’d expect to find an AED don’t have one.

So the challenge arises: how do we fix this?

Thanks to smart folks who came to CityCampSF, that question is being answered.

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Kevin Curry is a co-founder and director of CityCamp and is Chief Scientist and co-founder of Bridgeborn, inc..

One thought on “CityCamp in Action: SF Fire App Data

  1. Hello,

    I’m a volunteer for the SF fire app, and the task of verifying the data provided by the city is really time consuming.

    I have mapped some of the info on a Google map, and it will be great if we could just pick one place mapped and verify it (still info missing, working on it :)) . Blue means not verified yet, green means verified. For details please e-mail me at Leading this initiative from my side is Adriel Hampton, Jen Drake and though I have not met Javier It would be great to work together.

    I will give editor access once agreed by the initiative coordinators.

    Here is the link:


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