Welcome to the new CityCamp Website!

New CityCamp Website!

As part of our efforts to promote the CityCamp Word Tour, we’re working with GovFresh to create this new hub for all things CityCamp.

There’s still an open barcamp wiki and a public forum. This site brings it all together through a common portal with a great look and feel. In fact, our hope is that this site will help establish CityCamp as an ‘open source brand,’ something that is both easily repeatable and recognizable for anyone to use. That’s why we put CityCamp in the Creative Commons. There will be a few rules to follow, but as few as possible. We haven’t completely worked out those details but didn’t want to wait to get started.


About Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry is a co-founder and director of CityCamp and is Chief Scientist and co-founder of Bridgeborn, inc..

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